Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the boys, the boys.

The highlight of my week is definitely having Andrew home and staying at my house. He's home from Austin and is headed back this weekend but I can't remember the last time I've been able to spend so much time with him consistently!! We've gone for walks, had coffee, spent time with David and Kim, stayed at home reading, he got to meet Domenica, rode the #82 bus from one end of Westheimer to the other and he'll be around for the I Love Houston Tour stop#1 on Friday... we've had a nice relaxing time.

So yesterday I get a call from dk letting me know he's hired Andrew for his current project... dk's been coordinating a shoot for work and needed to incorporate a high dive, a diver, and some water. Clever and creative as ever, he calls Andrew and asks him if he knows of any cliffs over lakes in Austin and could they pay him to sail them around, getting the right footage for the project. Well, Andrew is an expert sailor and agreed immediately! He even coordinated a crew (along with dk's crew of Scott and Cody) and an underwater photographer.

So, early this morning dk picked Andy up from the house and they headed out to Austin. Kenai and I stood on the front porch waving as they drove off, exhaling a prayer of safety and good times for them both...
And I think "Really? My boyfriend and my brother hanging out in a sailboat on the lake together?" I'd always hoped it would be this way... my family and significant other spending time together like this... but until now, never understood how great, peaceful and real it could really feel. God is good.

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scm said...

That is an awesome feeling when family spends time with the person you realy care about.
Being married for 38 years I loved spending time with my wife's sisters and brother. No sisters in my family. Blessed with my Christian sisters. Hey God.
Cherish the feeling and the time .