Friday, July 11, 2008

busy day!

It started at 8 a.m. - my calltime to KHOU for Great Day Houston -"Be camera ready", they said. At home, rushing around getting dressed I tried on the shirt we chose and looked in the mirror, sure I looked like a "pregnant moose", texted domenica an emergency message and headed to Kristen's. She helped with my hair, checked make-up and calmed my nerves. Nikki Sparks (of KSBJ) calls from KHOU and was there waiting, how cool to have her help represent KSBJ? I arrived to the station and was led into the green room, then sat down in the chair for make-up. Domenica shows up, new options for clothes, producers approve! Met Al Galik of "What's Up Houston?" publication and chatted about talk points for the show, Deborah Duncan makes her grand entrace into make-up, greets domenica and me, we chat. (Inside, I'm screaming "Really God?? I get to be here amongst these amazing women?!") Kristen rolls in, "Your dad, DK, and Andrew are in the audience!" Whew, whew, whew.

After that it all went pretty quickly... Al and I were on the second segment and chatted as much as we could in the given 5-6 minutes onstage with Deborah. It was smooth, Deborah was brilliant and hilarious! I was totally nervous. The lights, camera, audience, every element was a bit daunting, but so so so cool. Absolutely amazing to have a chance to represent KSBJ like this...

We finished, handed in our mics, and I raced to downtown to help launch the first stop on the I Love Houston Tour at City Hall. Wow, it was hot! Whitney, Coop and Brent were an amazing support team and we met tons of Houstonians, celebrating the Declaration of Independence in Houston. I love being out and about, especially with such an energetic team to help. Held a drawing for a behind the scenes tour at Splashtown next week... THAT is going to be fun!

After being downtown, I raced to work and was on-air from 3-7. It was a great show. I love being able to say on-air, "I'm tired!" and no one thinks I'm a wimp... I'm reminded continually that we're in this together believing in and loving on one another. Ya? Ya.

At the stroke of 7 p.m. I then raced/drove carefully to dk's where my family and other guests were "secretly" waiting for David and Kim to show up for his surprise party. It was SO fantastic. Everyone stayed, played charades, ate Frank's pizza and ate the "Mayan Ruin" birthday cake. (Long story, I'll post photos later)

It was a great day and I was exhausted... even had a bit of a breakdown on the phone with dk. (Is it possible to have "good breakdowns"?) I called him after airing a birthday call to David on my show and was just feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude, disbelief that this was my life and so appreciative of the things and people that were working in my life... from the suuport and love I receive from domenica and kristen... to my new roommate Stacey who brings such a breath of fresh air to our home... to my brilliant boyfriend... to my job and co-workers I love that provides one creative opportunity after the other... to God for being so faithful... to my brothers and sister-in-law for being such a huge part of my life... I am so blessed.


scm said...

You were tired, relieved, and emtionally happy with all that you were a part of.
You needed to let go of the emtions and that was a good release.
God is good all the time, all the time God is Good.

You are amazing and you bless us all with your honesty and your heart for the Good of all God's Children.

You Rock.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz! I am so glad that you are in my life. I am so lucky and I am excited for what God has in store for our friendship.

Stacey said...

That last one was from me... I must have forgotten to put my name :) oops.