Thursday, July 10, 2008

citizen jeans.

What's in a name brand? Well, for this discount shopper/sale rack browser/Target addict I believe that spending more money on clothes is important for quality sake, but the thought of continually keeping up with designers/styles/seasons kinda stresses me out. I just can't keep up!

I have friends, however that can and do.

When I told domenica and Kristen I'd be on the show Great Day Houston, they immediately made a fuss over what to wear, how to fix my hair, and oh oh oh make-up arsenal! Being friends with these two, I'm constantly impressed everytime I see them and exclaim over how on earth they decided to put that necklace with that blouse, how genius to wear those colors together and holy cow, you must have spent hours on your hair today?? It almost seems effortless to them... and on occassion I've ventured on a shopping excursion with them, getting a glimpse into their method of living so fashionably. And I'm just... awed.

Saks has a pretty big sale going on and this morning I met up with domenica, her mother-in-law Margaret and Kristen for a lesson in "how to dress for tv" and some quality girl time. I've told you before how deeply I love and appreciate these women and today as I left the Galleria, I found myself at a loss of breathe and laughing outloud recalling all the things said, clothing tried on, and excitement shared over all the things going on in our lives. It was a big day for me as we cheered when the cash register rang up my very first pair of designer jeans for less than a quarter of the orignial price. Whew.
I'm ready now for my first big tv appearrance. And not so much because we've got the hair and clothes nailed, but because I'm covered in belief, love and prayers of those around me. Wow, this post is quickly becoming the cheesiest and most sappy post EVER. But it's true!! I'm excited and grateful!! Ahhh!!!


Stacey said...

Congrats on the big purchase! p.s. do you ever work during the day?! :)

scm said...

Way to go girl.
You will look just marvalous on TV.
You are the best in Christ.
God will be shining through you and Jesus will be honored to berepresented by you.
You rock.
I look forward to your show every day.

Anonymous said...

You looked amazing today on television with you designer stuff!!! My kids and I watched the show after hearing you were going to be on. You also sounded like a pro sharing great info and chiming in at the appropriate times.
Way to go!!!
The Mohr Family

scm said...

The Debra Duncan Show was so awsome, your outfit was right there. You received some awsome advise form your friends.
I listen to you every day and it was so amazing to see you on TV. I saw you at Share a song and you were so cool and collected on stage.
You are so full of the love of Jesus Christ and you are His Voice on KSBJ.
Thank You for your Heart.
Looking forward to your show today.

Scott B said...

You did great this morning! I tivo'd it and the family and I watched it. Bravo!