Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the dreaded shopping trip.

I need a new swimsuit. The one I have is about 5 years old and after the catastrophe dressing room drama mad crying fit last night, I'll probably end up wearing it again.

We're leaving for California tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited but lately DK and I have noticed we've definitely put on some pounds. I caught him standing sideways looking in the mirror the other day, he grinned and said to me "My shorts don't fit me like they used to, Liz" and I'm feeling the same. DK (spoils) treats me so beautifully and since we started dating 4 months ago, he's taken me on the most wonderful dates to some incredible restaurants in Houston. And it's definintely taken a toll on my waistline :)

After my on-air shift last night, I headed out on the hunt for a cute suit. On approach to stop #1, I was blinded by 50% sale signs in the window and my adrenalin started racing. As I walked through the door, the cold AC blasted my face and every sense was heightened as the clothes, accessories and shoes called to me "Look how cute I am!" "See how CHEAP I am? You need me!" You'll never see cute stripey flowy me this on sale EVER again!" Now now now, buy buy buy.

And I was overwhlemed. Sooo... one of each sale item atleast... right?

I think scripture very clearly refers to this problem as "lust of the eye". Isn't it funny how we think that by spending money on a sale item we don't even need, we are saving money? And in the moment, I will justify it till I'm blue in the face. It's something I struggle with and really want to be more disciplined in. So much so that now DK has me on "shopping probation". He's a good good man, ya?

I left with a pair of cute sandalls that were very much on sale... and no bathing suit. So in reality I actually did save money because I didn't spend any!

And now old faithful gets to go to California.


scm said...

all is not lost.
There is still time to locate a sale once to get to calif.
There are shops all along the beach and I am sure domenica will know of places she likes to shop at.
Have a blast and enjoy the beaches. Don't forget to put sun screen sun glasses and a cute floppy hat.
I can not wait to see picturers of calif. and your awesome trip and hear about on your show.

You bless us all


Scott B said...


I was reading your post out loud to my Rachel (my wife.) I saw your swimsuit photos on KSBJ and thought... that is modest (compliment.)

She suggests that you shop at Lands End. "Look there. Its a little expensive, but they cover stuff, last a long time, and the suits are on sale right now."