Friday, August 29, 2008

beef stew no more.

It's been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It's definitely proved true with my DK on several occasions as he loves my cooking! However, in my attemps to be domestic (and spicing things up with a little creativity) while DK was out of town this week, I fear my string of "good cooking luck" has run out.

DK was gone overnight on Wednesday with Cliff, Brian, and Scott doing some scouting for an upcoming short film. It was a great time for them to get outdoors together, do some fishing and Lord only knows what else went on with that group :) I too spent quality time with Kim working on her logo for her business cards and website. The next morning on my way to work, I stopped by DK's to put together a stew in his crockpot so that when he returned, he'd be overwhelmed by the aroma of a hearty delicious beef stew! Great idea, ya? I thought so too, turned the crockpot on low and headed out the door to work.

Later that night, DK came over to my house having only mentioned earlier how "thoughtful" it was of me to leave him dinner. When I remembered to ask him about it, I got so excited about his full stomach and his grateful heart!! Yes!

"Babe, how was your beef stew?"
"It was... Mmmm."
"What do you mean "Mmm"? Like "Mmm good" or "Mmm, interesting"?

And there on my front porch, DK was totally straight with me.

"Liz, it was awful."

I couldn't help but burst into hysterical laughter and I felt horrible!! And then he went on to describe how spongy the potatoes tasted and how it was just "nasty".

"Ok, well did it atleast smell good when you walked into your apartment?"

And the look on his face said it all... absolutely awful. Hahahaha!!

Ok, so here's the funniest part of it all: Even though it tasted, looked, and smelled terrible, he ate TWO BOWLS of it!! ("Small bowls" he said.)

Ladies, can you tell me what this means? Does he just love me that much or was he that hungry??


holly becton said...

liz i just adore your blog. these cute stories make my day! miss you guys!

Rachel said...

I can tell you what it means. It means he is a man and he will eat anything.

Anonymous said...

I was rolling laughing when I read this! He is such a sweetie...he REALLY REALLY loves you! :-) Maybe next time you could practice the meal at your own house first! HA!
By the way...I'm usually just a "blog-stalker" but I wanted you to know I just love listening to you and reading your blog even more. You always make me smile! I love it!