Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i forgot the brownies...

Andrew left last week for Florida to join a crew on a sailboat. He's following his dreams and I told him as I dropped him off "You're the only one we know that can do this."

Just got word from him, things are going well!

"Thought you would like to see the boat I am working on. I have been a dayworker here for two days. It's not bad, I get $150 a day even though we never make the 8 hours. It is a French crew and we start the day every morning at the tables outside with coffee (French coffee). The Chef makes us lunch everyday- it's amazing. Always with fresh fruit and coffee at the end. Today they cut all of their dayworkers except me. They asked me to come back tomorrow. At quitting time today, they also asked me to stay for some drinks, and they invited me for dinner (which is unheard of for dayworkers). During cocktail hour, I talked to the 1st mate and he asked if I would be interested in accompanying them further. Of course I said I am interested and he is going to talk to the captain and try and get me on. If everything goes well tomorrow, I will be headed for Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday. Funny side note: We were talking about going through New York City but the boat wouldn't clear the Brooklyn Bridge. I am definitely counting unhatched chickens here, but I am staying realistic about this. Most likely, this will fall through, and I'm ok with that. I do have an ace up my sleeve though, and that is how I have been invited back to dinner tomorrow as the guest cook. I offered to represent Texas proper to my French friends by cooking them fajitas. Hopefully Mom's magic recipe will get me hired. Haha.

Attatched is a photo of the boat.
The pictures make her look small but you should see how big she is in port. They have to raise all the bridges for her. On a final note, it is funny looking at those pictures and seeing the places I have been hanging out all day or to see a winch that I polished today for an hour. Haha"

Today I mailed him a box full of books and Tony Chacherie's spices, candy, chapstick, money, etc. I even made him brownies but after leaving the post office, I saw that I'd left them in my backseat. Oh great, now who is going to eat them?!


Stacey said...

I will eat them!!!!!
and I am glad to hear that Andrew is doing well :)

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Ok- wow. How does one go about getting a gig like that? I couldn't do it, as I have a job/husband/kids to tend to, but I sure would if I could!!!