Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm in the mood for blog.

I believe the song actually goes, "I'm In The Mood For Love" but right now, I'm at work... my show prep is done, I have fresh cup of coffee, thunder is rolling above me, a new rain pouring outside my window and I'm ready to write. I'm so in the mood for blog :)

I've really enjoyed the rainy weather lately... there is something incredibly soothing that spurs the best kind of creative and deep contemplation when rain comes and pours. This morning the air was cooler than is seasonably appropriate for a Texas August and it feels like fall is on her way again.

Though it's not totally officially here yet, it is my favorite time of year. Fall always brings with her the best fashion, the best weather and seems to represent the most dramatic season change, life shift, and transition. But why does it appear to be a more altering time? Is it because maybe we morph into a more speculative, reflective, pensive mode due to our surroundings?

Whatever it is, I feel more creative in this time of year. I love to indulge my senses in every bit of fall... the music, the sounds of leaves beneath my feet, the wind blowing Kenai's ears as she welcomes the colder weather, welcoming new love and new family members and ultimately embracing change and transistion - the way that life arounds us so naturally shifts - as a very beautiful thing. (Run-on sentences rule.)

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