Sunday, August 24, 2008

snakes on the bayou.

With all this rain in Houston lately, DK and I've been anxious to get out on the bayou and have a little adventure. So we loaded up Kenai, got a kayak from REI and headed out today after church.

About 10 minutes into our journey (Kenai stayed on the boat this time, I was too nervous about undercurrents) I noticed the longest fattest snake slithering in the water near some trees and I shivered.

I HATE snakes. And then we discussed.

Liz: "Would ever pick up a snake?"
DK: "I would hold one yes if someone handed me one and said "Here, this snake is safe."
Liz: "But you wouldn't just pick one up off the ground and hold it?"
DK: "Snakes are evil."
Liz: "So you don't like snakes either?"
DK: "Snakes have the devil in them."

(Long quiet pause)

DK: "I picked up a leech once."
Liz: " Why?"
DK: "When I was a cubscout, I was picking up rocks at the pond and out swam what I thought was a baby snake so I caught it and took it back to the cubmaster. They all freaked out, couldn't believe it didn't get on me and then kept it in a jar to teach the others what a leech was. I was pretty much a hero."

Never a dull moment with the three of us I tell ya.

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Corrie said...

Thank you for the good laugh this morning. I could practically hear the pause and then "I picked up a leach once"....where did that come from!? Oh my I can't keep from laughing! It sounds like a conversation my husband and I would have! Have a great day!