Thursday, August 7, 2008

you know you're getting old...

Today I was at the grocery store and when walking to my car in the parking lot, a car full of teenage boys drives by with windows down hooping, hollaring and whistling.

My initial reaction was to look behind me to see what skinny little teeny bopper was being harrassed by these cuties, but then realized they were whistling at me!! My heart soared!!

I put my fists in the air and said outloud "I've still got it!!"

I guess it's a sign of getting older, that being noticed by these young whipper snappers makes me feel cute and much, much younger... hehe... So hilarious!


Maria Diane said...

It must be all that training you're doing for the marathon. ;) I'm praying for you and the KSBJ team. I wish I was running in the Houston Marathon, but I'll be at training for my first full-time job most of January! I'm hoping to squeeze in a 5k or two in the fall. Good luck!

SpeechlessLaura said...

LOL. That's pretty funny.