Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bustin' out the photos.

I love taking photos. Always have. I love taking photos especially of people and think scenery photos are terribly boring without someone in them. Capturing my family and friends, even strangers and documenting my life and theirs has always been second nature to me, all thanks to my dad. It's because of him that I feel my camera is almost an extension of my body and even without a camera, I see things while driving, sitting still and all around me... through the lens.

But when it comes to organizing and displaying my photos, I'm terrible. I tried Ophoto, thought about having them all printed and placed in one of several dead-ended scrapbooks, and just haven't had any great means to organize and archive my photos. But now I think I've got a method down that works for me.

Because I shoot mostly digital, it's easier to collect and load my photos. So what I've done is organized them all into iPhoto on my laptop and from there have started uploading them little by little on my Flickr account. It's been so much fun going through photos from so long ago and reliving all the travels and moments. It's going to be a slow process, but they are looking more and more organized AND in a place I can share with family and friends. I love Flickr most because you don't lose any image quality, you have several organizing methods that are not overwhelming and you can definitely order prints!

Click here to see what I have so far! And remember, it's a slooooow process!


Yannochka said...

Yeah I noticed you've been posting pictures like crazy on your Flickr.
They've been fun to look at.


Marisa said...

Love them! I went through every single picture and I think I LOVE the picture of the Peruvian boy with the KSBJ shirt the best.

Wonderful pictures!