Tuesday, September 2, 2008

live in ksbj studios.

l-r: grant, annetta, me, chris, daniel, matt, shelley, mike


Jana said...

*sighs* :)

Lizb said...

Chris - he's my man . My all time favorite ! The last song you played-Rise ? Just beautiful , so powerful . I had tears streaming down my face driving home down 2920 . I wanted so bad to get on my face ,pretty awesome . I'm going out at lunch to buy the CD so I can buy concert tickets .

Marisa said...

What a fantastic show!! And what a fantastic worship leader and inspiration.

Today my faith was called into question. One simple question "Do you believe in God?" I was beat down and emotionally drained from the conversation. Chris had all the words I didn't have.

It was a wonderful show, I can't wait to get my CD.