Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had a really great "Wow, I love my job" moment yesterday during the broadcast for the BarlowGirl concert. I typically have these moments everyday, but this one stood out a little more than usual.

Bill Ingram and I were doing our thing like we do for every live broadcast, Jon Hull was back at the studio running the board for me. On day of show, you've got to be flexible. Sound checks go long, schedules change, sometimes artist interviews don't even happen. For Heaven's sakes, the girls and their crew had just driven 16 hours to be with us for this rescheduled show. But there they were right on time, the BarlowGirl trio making their way out to the lobby to chat on-air... with me.
After hugs all around, how are you's, ohmygoshyoulookssogreat's and you get the jist, we sat down to chat. In person, they are just as you'd assume they'd be - chatty, concerned, laughing, causal, full of heart, engaging, and so warm. I find myself straightening my posture and smoothing my wind blown hair because in their presence I want to step it up, be a better representive of a kept woman. But you know, there's more to it than their obvious outward beauty. The evidence of Jesus within them shines bright and rocks out loud. And they're exactly the kind of girlfriends everyone needs.

My "I love my job moment" was further confirmed later on when their father introduced me to a crew member as someone the girls enjoy being around - and I was floored, realizing that from working so many years having several opportunities to build repoire with these artists, with KSBJ listeners, and so many others, that I am beyond blessed.

The richness of what we do comes from these relationships, all doing and living what God has called us to... for His glory.


holly becton said...

Liz, before I knew you I thought you sounded just so sweet and genuine on air, and distinctly remember thinking it sounded like you "smiled as you spoke." And then I met you and it was true! Thank you for being a beautiful example through your job!

Mimi B said...

I can not wait...they will be in Cincinnati on 11/7/08.