Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend plans.

I'm starting to wonder when the next time I have a quiet uneventful weekend will be? No complaints, I don't feel stressed, I just seem to have back to back to back things to do each weekend. And it seems things get more interesting as the year progresses!

Friday morning I had my Thunderbirds flight. Afterwards, after debriefing and regaining some sense of reality, I left Ellington Field to go to the studio where I arrived just in time for my show. It was a great show and I was excited to emote all the feelings and awareness I'd gained from spending time behind the scenes with USAF pilots and crew. However, I'm not so sure I'll ever be able to properly express my gratitude for what these men and women do every single day. 

After work I headed home and relaxed for a bit. I mentioned earlier that my brother David is getting transferred to Kuala Lumpur and he and Kim were expected to leave any day. Well, the date was set, the flight was booked and he left at 5p.m. yesterday. It's 12:34 p.m. the next day and I imagine he's still in the air.

DK and I walked over to Ziggy's on Fairview and met up with Dave, Kim, David G. and Danni for dinner. We ended up closing the place down and it was by far the most chill, relaxing, peaceful dinner. I couldn't imagine a more perfect sendoff. When we hugged goodbye, I said something to the effect of "I'll see you tomorrow." And reminded me that no I probably wouldn't. But I responded with "Ok, but I don't want to know that..." I watched him walk to the car with David and Danni and sighed. I hate saying goodbye and I hate thinking that my brother and Kim will be so stinking far away for so long. I couldn't be more proud and excited for this opportunity and experience of a lifetime, but it's pretty hard. DK and I walked back to my house and I cried almost the whole way.

Saturday morning I got to sleep in! Kenai and I layed around and finally got up to head over to Luke's Locker to register Jen and me for the Koala Luke's Half Marathon. After that we met DK at his place and left for the Wings Over Houston airshow. IT WAS UNREAL. Everything from the amazing crowd that showed up and the beautiful clear weather, to the constant flow of KSBJ listeners to the tent we had set up and the unreal show of historic and current aircraft in the air above us. I definitely watched the Thunderbirds show with a heaps more appreciation and knots in my stomach! 

Back in Montrose later, we had a bite to eat in the cabanas out back at El Pueblito on Richmond just as the sun was setting. The weather was perfect and we had awesome conversation... from there we stopped in to say Happy Birthday to Mills McCoin, a buddy of DK's. He throws quite a party, I'll say. 

Sunday morning I ran my 3rd half marathon. It was my best time ever but I still feel like I can do way better... and I will. For the rest of the day I'm relaxing, reading my new book as recommended by Brandon Heath and will later head to The Woodlands for the Art*Music*Justice tour. You should totally come, it's going to be amazing!!

Happy Weekend!


Yannochka said...

I'll trade you weekends at any time. :) You're always sound much more fun than mine, which are usually spent doing homework. Yuck.

I'm gonna be there tonight too. I can't wait. I am sure it's gonna be a blast and inspirational too.

Maybe see ya there?


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great weekend! :-) I'm just now starting to run...I've always wanted to be a runner but it is going to take me awhile to get in shape...I'm working on it! :-) You are inspiration! :-) I love to hear about you running! What book did Brandon Heath recommend? I'm a librarian and a lover of reading so I love to know what others are reading! :-)