Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"pour us a nice cup o' bert."

Mike Kankelfritz and I just watched this and about peed our pants from hysterical laughter. Watch this interview with Bart Millard by a guy who thinks he's someone else.


whimsymoon said...

Oh man! That is too funny! I heard you mention this on air tonight. Thanks so much for sharing it! Hysterical!

Yannochka said...

oh poor guy! that's so embarrassing. Funny thing is that in maybe 10 years from now, if that guy is still working, they might laugh about this too.

holly becton said...

was this a joke? that is painful to watch. all the awkward pauses, oh boy.

Anonymous said...

OWWWWW! Heard you mention this on your show and yes, I would probably have benn rolling on the floor on this with everyone else!!!! So very sad for the interviewer - hopefully he just happened to wander in off the street to the wrong place (for him) and this is not his regular style. Again, OUCH!