Monday, October 6, 2008

tour de houston.

We started this early on and it's proven to be something of a challenge and motivating anticipation to make each surprise date even more creative, exciting, and unique. I took the lead with my latest and greatest idea and because DK had been out of town for all last week, I knew we needed some adventure time together. So, sunday after church, I took off to prepare and had DK meet me at my house 1 hour later on his bike!

The day was gorgeous and as we rode down Montrose towards West Alabama, the breeze was blowing and the sky was so truly blue. Five minutes later we arrived at our first destination: The Menil Collection. This is one of my favorite art collections in Houston, it's free and DK had never been there before.

From there we headed east on West Alabama and into midtown, then up to the top of a parking garage with the clearest view of the skyline from the south of downtown. Especially because the sky looked so unreal today, this was a great place to stop and take some photos.
After playing around with some photos and laughing during DK's random dance session, we zoomed down each level of the parking garage and headed towards downtown. Our next stop, the Ferris Wheel at the downtown Aquarium. He's never ridden it! We timed it so perfectly too, the lighting from the setting sun was outstanding. And finally, after an exhilarating ride round and round (hehe) we hopped back on the bikes towards the Sabine Street bridge, where I'd planted the car earlier loaded with a blanket and cooler. Sandwiches from Central Market, some Boulder chips and drinks made the perfect picnic along the Bayou... as the sun set against the skyline. So awesome. Best date ever! Just proof you don't have to spend a load of cash for a good time :)

(I'm having trouble posting photos and video on blogspot today, but you can click here to check it out!)

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Anonymous said...

On sunday David and I were at Sabine Street taking pictures of our truck with the same background at sunset! What if we were there at the same time??? Spooky!