Friday, November 14, 2008

20 years later.

Photos from last night's concert in The Woodlands... Meet Sabrina Lewis... we grew up next door to one another and actually went to the original Lead Me On Tour together in 1988! What a treat to have her and mom Chris there, singing along the songs we STILL know by heart!

The following photos are from David Jantzi, thank you!! To see his photos of the original concert, click here!

Meet Abby and Jason - they are my 365 friends! They started doing a 365 project and I'm constantly left stunned and motivated after seeing their photos. Check them out here. Maybe you should start your own too? Look how much fun they have!

Tonight we actually met in person for the first time and it was crazy because after following our photos, it was as though we already knew one another so well!

Send me any other photos from the event! If you went, leave a comment and tell me how much you enjoyed the show!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, It was an *awesome* show and it was also *great* meeting you and DK!.. here is the pic my sister took of us. May God Bless U and your family and KSBJ always :)

Anonymous said...

Liz, I'm having a difficult time to post a pic on your blog but here is the pic link?

and pic of amy (which the one you have on your site is really nice and clear) :)

Jason said...

AHH!!! Thanks for the awesome mention! Abby and I saw this and were like, "Holy crap!" Haha, so cool. We're gonna send you some free tickets soon, and then we gotta try and hang out! Seriously!

Jennifer said...

I am bummed I missed the concert. BUT I made it to day 200 on my 365 blog today!