Monday, November 24, 2008

sony phones.

Again, having together but separate time, I hooked up the Sony Phones to my ipod and let my inner Missy Elliott flow freely while DK worked on some photos. 

Within seconds my amazing boyfriend had camera in hand, lights set, snapping away images of his dorky girlfriend as the music make you lose control... And to me, this is a perfect example of the beautiful way he loves me. I get to be ME and am not made to feel dumb (or as nerdy as I look and sound) but instead am treated like a supermodel, super adored and super loved.
It feels good, I tell ya what. More DK brilliance. 

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Lori Thompson said...

These photographs are anything but dorky. They're beautiful, and so very you. Obvious he knows you, sees you, and loves you. Just, wow. Thanks for sharing.