Monday, November 24, 2008

yikes, stripes!

I've been thinking a lot about New Year's resolutions, about collaboration, about creativity... and a lot about the ways God is moving me outside of what I feel are "great heights". Funny how in our feeble attempts to be awesome and revolutionary, when we open up to let God stretch us, He takes us to whole new levels of awesomeness. But for His glory. And that's totally rad.

DK and I have been pretty diligent about our 365 project in the last year. Everyday together we take a photo representing us on that day. I can't stress to you enough how the creative boundaries within me have been threatened and shoved, broken and further realized. When you are forced to think, plan, anticipate, look for newer and greater set-ups, etc it really stretches you and I feel it all, I feel it all.

In fact I feel it so much I'm morphing into a new dimension of a photo a day on my own, in addition to DK & LIZ 365.

I want to do one on my own and I want to have a theme... I love stripes so much and feel it would be a great stretch of creativity to look for and expect stripes all around me within my day.

So starting January 1, 2009 I'm launching my "Yikes, Stripes! 365 Days of Stripes" campaign. This is gonna be good.


James ~n~ Amber said...

Cool idea. My husband and i are hoping to start a project 365 of our own in the new year. I think God has really big plans for us next year and we can't wait to document the changes. We have so much to be thankful for already and are praying for new and exciting things in the coming year.

James ~n~ Amber said...

Being a mom is one of the best gifts ever, that's for sure! Our 365 will definitely be all about our familia...I'm looking forward to it...

Will you be in Baytown tomorrow night ?

D&K Kaiser said...

I can't wait!