Tuesday, December 23, 2008

all grown up.

Last night I hung out with my childhood best friend, Tiffany Childers. There was a point in the night where we realized out loud, "WE'VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR 28 YEARS!" And that's as long as we've been alive.
She's in town visiting from San Francisco and we both immediately revert back to our usual selves around each other as if no time had passed whatsoever. Her older brother Jeremy even stopped in for some chatter and catching up... it's a unique life experience to know people so long and understand they love you for the very best and the very worst of who you are. This morning DK left for Pittsburgh and tomorrow I fly out to meet his entire family. This is a huge deal and more and more I'm realizing how grown up I am. I guess spending time with childhood friends will help cement that comprehension process? I'm leaving my world here in Houston to venture into creating memories with this man I love and his family. Then I read Dave and Kim's blog - they are headed out to Borneo Island for Christmas and the simplicity in their message of loving and missing loved ones makes me cry. Andrew is in St. Croix living it up, working hard on his boat in the Virgin Islands.

We're like grown-ups, man.

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James ~n~ Amber said...

My sister and I get hit in the face with this reality often - We are adults ! We are such dorks, and such goobers, that there is no way we can possibly be 31(me) and 28(her) !! I can remember being 16 and thinking how far away 25 would be and how "old" 25 seemed. 26 rolled around and I had been married a few years and having a baby. Now, at 31 I've been through a lot of very real, very grown up things. God shows us real quick that we should stop making plans for ourselves. I got married to young for all the wrong reasons and ended up divorcing (that's a whole other story), but God being the God he is put an awesome Christian man in my life and we were married this past April. It's amazing how time flies, how we change and hopefully learn from our past.