Friday, December 5, 2008


Today at work, DK and I were chatting online for a bit. Here's how the conversation went:

Donald: excited!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!! I am ordering your presents, they are on the way
me: you are ordering them?
me: my presents?
Donald: yes
me: what are they?
Donald: surprises
me: what kind of surprises?
Donald: present surprises
me: what kind of present surprises?
Donald: can't say
me: why not? can't you give me a hint? can i ask one question?
Donald: sure, but no hints
me: is it a puppy? that's more a gift for me and kenai, so technically, it's not giving it away plus i promise not to tell her
Donald: it's a cat / kitten
me: no it's not and why would you try to ruin christmas?!
Donald: kenai said she wants a kitten - she told me
me: what did she say? you fell for that? you know why she really wants a kitten!!
Donald: why's that?
me: so she can eat him!
Donald: you might be right... it might be her master plan. terrorize the cat so he climbs the tree knocks it over and then kenai looks like the precious angel
me: I agree. So maybe you should return that kitten.
Donald: maybe a bird... what do you think kenai would do if a bird were flying around the house?

Ohhhh Lord!!!!

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James ~n~ Amber said...

Cats keep it interesting. In fact, our new puppy is terrorizing the cats right now and they are very upset because I just had them declawed yesterday - yes, I'm a horrible person for having their claws removed ! Sorry PETA !!