Friday, December 5, 2008

i'll smoke ya.

Remember when you were a kid and getting new shoes was such a big deal? Trying them out inside the store, just KNOWING you were running atleast 20 mph faster than with the old ones? That's how I felt this morning!

I stopped by to see Jim and Danny at Fleet Feet in The Village and they helped get me into my Dr. Hasenbank recommended shoes. It's amazing what happens when you have the right shoes on your feet.

I had reconstructive surgery on my feet two years ago to get rid of my bunions, tailor's bunions and also my instep was awful. 6 months later I ran my first half marathon. I can't say that I've been great about wearing the right shoes though, until Dr. H taught me more about posture and how incredibly everything is connected internally, making the proper shoes vital.

6 weeks till my first whole marathon and I'm so ready!! Tomorrow we run our 18 mile long run. Will you pray for us?

And these are the new shoes I'll be wearing when I smoke everyone tomorrow morning :)

Meet the new Asics GT-2140's.


Jami said...

I'm a KSBJ listener and admitted blog stalker. But I was where you are about 2 years ago - 6 weeks from my first marathon. I did the 2007 and 2008 Houston. Just wanted to wish you good luck on the 18 miler. I'll be praying for you and all the other runners braving the cold in the morning.
Merry Christmas!

Keri said...

LOVE Fleet Feet and you bought my favorite brand of running shoes......although I need new ones since I ended up with a bad case of shin splints last time I went running.....OUCH!