Tuesday, December 9, 2008

fart machine.

I feel tired, kinda frustrated and yes, irritated at every. little. thing.

Earlier at my desk, Photoshop was running on molasses and my stress level was building so much, I was too exhausted and stubborn to stop, go for a walk, and take a deep breathe.

I even whined out loud like a little brat a few times.

And on top of it all, Mike wouldn't stop playing with his new fart sound effect machine and I thought I might strangle him. (We share an office.)

Not his fault, not my computer's fault... but my own for staying up too late watching "just one more!!" episode of The Office with DK, for not eating well the past couple days and not making enough time to get my daily excercise.

So tonight it's to bed early, breakfast and a run in the morning. Then I'll secretly remove the batteries from the fart machine and everything will be just fine!


holly becton said...

Not gonna lie, when I saw "fart machine" next to your picture, I thought you were referring to yourself :) You're cute!

Natalie said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope that helps! :)

Keri said...

I live with 3 boys who would go nuts over a fart machine!!! Yikes! It's bad enough living with whoopie cushions - the old fashioned fart machine!

Heidi said...

How funny! I just heard Mike's fart machine on the air--men, do they ever grow up:)

kankelfam said...


I'm sorry!

But, technically, I think it's a burp machine. ;)