Friday, January 9, 2009

weekend plans.

I haven't posted this in quite awhile, but was trying to think of how everything would unravel this weekend and figured if I wrote it out, I'd feel less chaotic about it.

1. 6 a.m. to noon Saturday morning on-air shift - call me to say hello! (and make sure I'm still awake!)
2. possible lunch and pedicude with Kristen and mom Susan... niiiice.
3. Swirll pick-up for Plan #4
4. Matinee with Chiara and Kristen to see... Twilight... feeling excited but nervous.
5. Hang time with Kenai, read the rest of The Shack.
6. Breakfast in The Woodlands with dad before he heads to Madrid. More Kenai hang time with dad.
7. From 12-2, I'll be at Chapelwood United Methodist Church for a blockparty celebrating their new buildings.
8. 4 or 5 mile run
9. Sunday afternoon nap
10. Church at 5:30 p.m.

Ok, that looks good. Now I feel better :) Have a great weekend!

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James ~n~ Amber said...

I just erased my entire opinion of the movie and decided I'd let you decide for yourself....we can compare notes later....