Monday, February 23, 2009

classic kate winslet.

Did you watch last night? I get so excited over the Oscars because it's such a legit awards show, everyone shows up and even despite critics negative projections of the worst year yet and low ratings, this production absolutely came out on top. The preshow alone is worth getting excited about!

The red carpet preshow with Tim Gunn and Robin Roberts was non-stop and absolutely fabulous. The set design inside the Kodak Theatre was out of this world and so captivating - did you notice the curtain of Swarovski crystals?? Hugh Jackman was an outstanding host, wow.

A couple of my favorite moments: for each of the 5 nominations in major categories (best supporting actor/actress and best lead actor/actress) 5 past winners of each specific category came out to personally recognize each current nominee. It was so heartfelt and personal, it added such a beautiful touch to the moment.

I am so proud of Anne Hathaway too, what a beauty. There was a Barbara Walters interview on beforehand where she asked Anne to fill in the blank "Anne Hathaway is..." Without hesitation she responded "Anne Hathaway is HAPPY." She went through a lot last year but in the public eye absolutely rose above and has continued to shine. There she was sitting front row, a nominee for Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

And of course, the lovely Kate Winslet. She was my absolute favorite. She is so poised and modest, striking, humble, and such a class act. I was rooting for her all the way and am so happy for her... I cried!!


Natalie said...

So glad I wasn't the only one weepy over Kate's win! I was SO rooting for her and was SO thrilled when her name was announced!

And that opening number...WOW! Hugh Jackman did an EXCELLENT job!! He looked SO relaxed and natural hosting...A FAR cry from how I would be if it were me. ;)

Sarah Taylor said...


I just spent the past 30 minutes typing up my review of the awards.

Went to hit publish, and all was lost. Insert bad word here.

Frustrated, I gave up and decided to check other peoples blogs about it.

Loved your review. Considering copy/paste and using it as my own.


Keri said...

I LOVED the Oscars this year! I also loved the 5 past winners encouraging and complimenting those following in their footsteps. I cried when Anne Hathaway was listening to Shirley could tell sweet Anne could NOT believe such amazing things were being said about herself by someone as seasoned and celebrated as Ms. McClaine. Besides, Anne can sing!! Who knew??

I loved the salute to Musicals as well. Also how the set was designed to coincide with the award being presented - that was cool.

Ok, I could go on and on. It was just really great!

Suz said...

1. that opening number was AWESOME. I'm glad everyone got to hear Anne Hathaway sing. And I'm glad I got to hear her sing something other than "I Want a Snuffulufigus for Christmas". She rocks my face off.

2. I agree that the past winners honoring the nominees was fantastic. It blew me away!

3. My personal awesome moment was when Will Smith called Brad Pitt a garden gnome in Benjamin Button. I laughed for a good 15 minutes. When something tickles me, it really tickles me!!

Yannochka said...

I didn't watch the Oscars but....

I agree about Kate Winslet. I have loved her since before Titanic. I saw her in a small movie called "Jude" ( you'll have to see it) and I knew then she was destine for greatness in the acting world. She should have won every Oscar she's been nominated for.

I also love that Heath Ledger got the Oscar for Batman too. Have you seen it? He's absolutely amazing in it.

Hayley said...

My favorite Oscar moment...

The Best Animated Movie nominations were Bolt, Kung Fu Panda, and Wall-E. My four year old loves them all, but was definitely more smitten with Bolt. She told me that she wanted Bolt to win.

Jennifer Aniston said, "And the winner is...Wall-E!"

My Emma Leigh burst into tears and with real sobbing said, "I wanted Bolt to win!" For about 20 minutes she was inconsolable because Bolt didn't win.

We finally convinced her that Bolt won at our house and all was good in her little world again!