Wednesday, February 25, 2009

facebook fast.

It was last Thursday that I asked Jen "Have you seen my hilarious Facebook status today?!"

Her response? "Actually, I'm on a Facebook fast for 1 week."

So I decided to do it too and together we've eliminated the biggest distraction in our office. (Getting rid of Mike is not an option hahahhaha)

Tomorrow we get to check it again and I'm excited to see how many notifications we've chocked up!!

So, with this being Ash Wednesday, have you committed to giving anything up for Lent?


Keri said...

So funny.....never even thought about giving up Facebook! Good idea! This is the first time I'm observing Lent. I love, love, love sweets of all kinds so I'm giving it up - and it scares me. I think it scares my family too.......should be interesting!

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

I'm giving up one meal a day. Yesterday it was breakfast, and it seemed too easy. Not much of a sacrifice. So today it will be lunch.