Thursday, March 19, 2009

breakfast forever.

I wish breakfast could last forever... 1 hour, 2 hours, it's never enough to cover all the things we have to catch up on and want to hear from one another.

We meet at least once a week usually at Brasil or Catalina to have a meal, talk and read from Sparkling Gems for some daily encouragement. It's the richest most precious time I get with my best friends and as I've mentioned a million times before, I come away inspired, empowered and feeling abundantly loved. And today's breakfast was a million times extra special.

It's Kristen's birthday today!

And we have big plans... oh mama! This morning I picked her up at 8:45 and although she hadn't slept a wink from excitement, she looked refreshed and stunning! She had no idea where we were headed and once we pulled up in from of Hotel Zaza she starts with the "Shut up shut up shut up shut up!!" They tooootally rolled out the red carpet as we walked through the lobby and into the patio of Monarch restaurant, where our table was waiting. Domencia joined us not too much later, then Catherine, who is Kristen's lifelong BFF. It was so fun to watch Kristen as she sat and soaked it all up, relishing in the fact she knows she is so incredibly loved. It was a lovely morning and so peaceful... I hated to leave for work and feel the time I spend with them zooms by like seconds. Arg.

Big party planned for Saturday - can't wait!! Will post photos :)

Thank God for my beautiful friends...

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kiki said...

i thank God for you... i love breakfast time together its the best! love you.