Friday, March 13, 2009

the disease continues to spread.

It's continuing and is spreading closer and closer to home. It seems as though Houston's been pretty sheltered from this crisis affecting jobs and the marketplace until recently. Now the news of one massive layoff after another rabidly plagues our headlines and prayer lines. I hate this...

In an attempt to catch up on 24, DK and I have watched many episodes in a row recently and because of this, the stories, non-stop action and life-threatening plots seems to infiltrate my dreams and even some of my real life perspective.

TV is so powerful - so much so I've started viewing this economic crisis as a deadly disease and CTU is working tirelessly around the clock trying to keep from spreading. We the people are targets, fearing for our lives, fearing the worst, and not sure when or how the disease with strike. Will it be me? Will it be you? First it's someone distant... still uncomfortably connected to you but whew, we're safe for now. A neighbor's relative. A co-worker's brother.

But then it attacks someone you love. And maybe even you.

Are we powerless against this force? Is it inevitable? Is there really anything we can do to stop this from happening? And will CTU come through and save the day at the last minute?

I wonder if the real terrorist in this season is the fear and doubt we're facing. We're focused on the what happens if we get layed off, how will we make ends meet, oh please Lord spare me!! When the truth of the matter is - there is hope. There is also a God who, throughout history has continued to provide and meet our needs. I feel scared and I feel fearful. This is NUTS!!! But scripture tells us to fear not because fear is not of God.

Let's pray over Houston and pray that God will reign, that in place of fear our city will display PEACE, HOPE, sound mind and JOY. And when the fear creeps in and the enemy plants doubt in our hearts and mind, break free of it and tell the devil where he can go.

And say it fiercely through gritted teeth. Make Jack Bauer proud.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Liz! My husband keeps saying "let's not participate in the recession." Even if we're facing the loss of a job (No small thing, I truly realize that) or financial collapse, we have access to something that the world just doesn't have. PEACE and the Prince of Peace and a heavenly Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills! I believe He will bring us through if we can follow Him even in the face of our fear and doubt.

d.j. iverson said...

Good post. I was telling our church the other day that even our money reminds us to put our trust in God.

tiffany said...

fear not because fear is not of God.

Nice to hear. We are trying to keep it positive here as well. Once you find yourself at the bottom, there is only one way after's up!

Keri said...

Amen!! We are right smack dab in the middle of this. My husband and I fight against fear every single day - it will completely swallow us up if we let it.

We have been given the opportunity to model faith for our boys through will be a part of their spiritual legacy. Someday they will look back at the time their dad lost his job and I pray they will see parents who modeled faith and trusted God more than our fear.

Kat said...

Hey Liz - found your blog through Lori Thompson.

Thought I'd stop in and say hello. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

Jimmy and I just celebrated 11 years. And actually, our wedding picture is sitting on the counter next to me - in the picture frame (if I remember correctly) that you gave to me.

Year 1 is great. Year 11 is awesome. Enjoy the many years to come...

Kat said...

Um, so I realize that comment wasn't really on topic. Sorry about that...

Kat said...

Aaaaaaaaand....I just realized that by Anniversary you meant DATING Anniversary.


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