Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kenai on probation.

Don't let her puppy eyes fool you, she's the Master of Heartbreak when it comes to escaping punishment. She's been around long enough she knows how to play you and within an instant you forget how bad she was, can't belieeeeve how cute she suddenly is, and forget all your previous frustrations.

Last night as Kenai and I arrived home after eating dinner with DK, she bounced out of the car and took off after a cat in the neighbor's yard. I didn't think much of it until the hissing, barking, and shrieking became so loud I realized this poor dumb cat didn't get away fast enough and Kenai was now terrorizing him in full retrieval mode. I dropped the 50 things I was carrying and shot across the lawn to the neighbor's yard, screaming "KENAI, COME!!" to no avail. I couldn't see them because they were so far under the hibiscus tree, part of me afraid this cat might come after me, on my hands and knees crawling under the massive bush my eyes finally caught a glimmer of her red collar, instinct punched my arms in, I grabbed my stupid dog and fell backwards with all my weight. The cat, shocked and pumped with adrenalin, scurried up the bush and out of sight. Thank God he was still alive.

Kenai, now in my tight grasp is dancing around and looking for more cat chases or audience applause as I pull her up the porch stairs and into the house. "Bad dog, bad dog, bad dog!!" I kept repeating, my heart racing and my breathe short. A quick glance at her face and I see dear Lord... a lot of blood. 

I cleaned her up and rinsed out all the scratches on her little nose, telling her continually how lucky she is that we have nice people and tough cats in this neighborhood. I decided then she would definitely be on probation with no more sleeping on my bed, no freedom in the front yard and always, no matter how short the walk, on a tight leash. Until Further Notice.

Before I went to bed, I was sure to tell her I loved her but that she was still in for it. When I left for work the next morning she was absolutely the best, most obedient little doggie you ever did meet, trying so hard to work it and get me to fall for her act. 

I think in a small way, this is good practice for DK and me for one day when we have kids. In being consistent and on the same page where punishment is concerned, I think it's important we implement these ideas early on. So we'll practice on Kenai and the puppy coming soon! 

This afternoon DK picked Kenai up from my house to take her to his place until I got home from work. He told me at first she was so bouncy and acting so innocent but he stayed strong, asked her if she's been a bad girl and like that (snap your fingers) her ears went back and she put on the puppy eyes. He clicked her leash on tight and walked her to the car. I swear she thought "Ohhh, he has no idea how bad I've been and I'm off scotch free!" Not so much, little missy. We're on the same team here :)


Lori Thompson said...

We have a naughty girl dog as well and you're right, it's great practice for parenting. At least she can't cry tears, it's those that break your heart (and make you want to give in).

Keri said...

Scot and I always say that we made most of our parenting mistakes on our 90 pound bundle of mutt love. So glad we had him before our boys.......Barnes was great practice for what not to do with children!