Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kristen's 80's birthday bash.

I guess there's always reason to celebrate when you have such amazing friends to celebrate. Kristen mentioned she wanted a party this year for her birthday so we all dove in and made it happen.

Domenica, Catherine, DK, Max, Liz V., Brandi, Kristen's mom and sister Stacey and I brainstormed and all together and through music, lights, video, photos, food, beverage, and attire created a rockin' scene out of the 80's...

Thanks to Max for allowing us to invade and transform Catalina Coffee into the most radical and neon party scene you ever did see...

And thank you DK for capturing the most amazing photos from the night!

For the full effect, click here!

1 comment:

Kim Kaiser said...

Liz! You guys create the best parties! I'm slightly jealous we couldn't be there! Missing you