Saturday, April 4, 2009

master cleanse day 5!

I can't believe it's already been 5 days... it's gone by pretty fast and because of that I feel glad that I haven't cheated, skimped, and have stayed straight on course. It really helped to get mentally focused and pray over this experience. 

Day 3 was pretty miserable and not just because I decided to start planning my Easter menu. Darn Martha Stewart and her latest amazing recipes. I thought I was going to faint, had a terrible headache and started justifying doing only 7 days or even just 5. I was prepared though, knowing that the Day 3 hump was the hardest to get over. The toxins were being loosened and let go of within me. I walked with DK to Subway that night and as his sandwich was being made, I envisioned myself diving into the tomatoes and doing backstrokes across the salami. Hallucinating much?

But on Day 4 I woke up, a little apprehensive about jumping out of bed but instead took it easy, got ready for the day and before long felt this outstanding burst of energy... and it lasted all day long. I've had no caffeine, food, or sweets. Just the lemonade :) 

I feel lighter, clearer, YOUNGER, more able to move and bounce and dance. My attitude at work has changed drastically... I'm feeling this cleanse is truly clearing out toxins starting in my brain and flushing out everything alllll the waaaaay down:) 

Plus, I haven't checked in 2 days but when I last weighed myself I'd lost 5 lbs. 

I miss cooking with DK, I miss coming home and eating with him, going out with the girls for coffee and breakfast in the morning and I miss eating and tasting food. I realize how much a habit food it in my life, even f I'm not hungry. Habitual eating is not a bad thing, but it's interesting looking from the outside in, realizing how many calories I'm missing out on  and how much food I really do consume in day. I have to keep reminding myself too that in the whole scheme of things, 10 days isn't really that much to give up!

I've been studying recipes a lot and am craving fresh vegetables, but most of all am excited to work from a clean slate. I've been asking Domenica millions of questions on how to cook spelt, how to make perfect pesto straight from the garden, and all about juicing. I've also noticed my sense of smell is far more keen than it was 6 days ago!!

Overall I feel absolutely refreshed. I feel proud of myself too for being disciplined. It's my year of committing and following through. Amen!!



You're inspiring me to do the cleanse again. I've done it several times but can't find the motivation to get started again. I have done it every new year the past 2 years but noit this year. It does make you feel lighter doens't it? That's such an amazing thing. I also noticed the "Addiction" aspect to food. Often i'd find i wasn't really even hungry, but around lunch time I'd feel like eating. I also see it as a sort of spiritual endeavor. Fasts have occured in every religion for time immemorial, and though it's not a pure fast, it is in a way. And I do believe it is very healthy to simply fast from all the toxins in our foods for days - preservatives, pesticides, modified stuff etc etc. You go girl! :) I missed your talking about it on KSBJ that day, and was bummed cuz I heard the day before you saying you were going to talk about it!

Lynn Valdez said...

This is sounding great! I am excited for you to be feeling the energy. Can you still take medicine or supplements while you do this cleanse? I take birth control and also Shaklee mulit vitamins. Any advice on that??
Thanks for blogging about it. You are my inspiration! LOVE YOU

mistybacon3 said...

I started the lemonaide cleanse the same day. I too have a hightened sense of smell. It's awesome!!! I think what I miss most is CHEWING...
Good luck Liz, we only have 4 MORE DAYS!!!