Tuesday, April 14, 2009

phlegmatic phriday.

I always have plans. My weekends are always non-stop and full of things to do with things to do inbetween my things to do. DK tends to like more chill time on the weekends and though I argue most of my things to do are intended as designated chill time, last Easter weekend I completely surrendered my schedule to him and let him plan the "non-plans".

And that meant I got to sleep in on Good Friday. I threw on a sundress and sandalls before DK picked me up and headed to 19th Street in The Heights where we walked around till we found a little cafe for a late breakfast. I don't remember the name of it, but it was absurdly delicious and light. I had quiche with side salad and he had a breakfast croissant. We strolled from lunch to do some clothes shopping and were quite excited about our purchases... We didn't have any plans and somehow ended up downtown spending an hour in High Fashion Home discussing our styles and desires for our house one day. We left there and caught a train in midtown to the Museum of Natural Science - I've been dying to see the Sharks 3-D IMAX but it was sold out. Oh well! We walked to the reflecting pond near the statue of Sam Houston and watched kids run around till it was almost dark. Then we took the train back to midtown and went to eat Mexican food at 1301 Cantina on Montrose - a great patio with view of downtown. Then we found a place playing music outdoors and as the sun set we walked hand in hand back to my house and sat on the porch for a bit.

It was the nicest day ever... and we didn't even have to plan anything. A good lesson for me, no doubt. I think we saw more, did more, experienced more, communicated more, and accomplished stress free time spent together all without the go go go feeling of having to get things done and get places on time.

And this is reason #34398928398230942030129829384345 a guy like DK is good for me.


Keri said...

Sounds like THE perfect day to me. Absolutely perfect in every single way. Scot and I need a weekend alone.......I can feel it!


Sounds like a lovely day!! I've been dying to go to Sharks 3D and literally was going to go the other day, too, and I'm glad I reaf this because now I know to get there extra early in case it's sold out! I took my BF to the Reefs3D one they had for his bday and it was soooo cool!!