Monday, May 4, 2009

highlights and things learned...

I've been so busy lately I haven't stopped to write and reflect. So much has been going on around me and here we are in May! Holy smokes, how did that happen? I wonder if it will ever slow down though, with all the travel and work events I have coming up? We have a new puppy on the way, a pre-marriage conference, Sharathon, a big office move for me, trips to Florida, California, and Nashville... I think mid-August is my next break :) Jeeze Louise.

Right now I'm at my desk listening to none other than Brooke Fraser in my headphones and I am forcing myself to sit and blog about all the highlights and things learned instead of recapping what will turn into a novel of my past couple weeks. I don't think I can really manage to put all these events and things in chronilogical order, bear with me.

Laughing hysterically with Becky K. and Stacy in the hospital room the night before Baby Kankelfritz came into the world. I re-realized the power of girlfriends and laughter in scary times...

The next morning seeing Becky so confident. Watching Mike's mother Shirley rest her head on his shoulder as he showed her the first photos of Samuel Michael after his birth... he was 3lbs 2 oz and 10 weeks early. What a little miracle.

Friday night live broadcast in my hometown, Dan Haseltine from Jars of Clay live on my show. Are you kidding me?

Wednesday April 29th - lunch with Matthew West, Grant Hubbard, the morning show, Jon Hull, and Jim Beeler. I sat there in awe. The drive back to the studio with Mike, Jim, Jon, laughing so hard I snorted, they cried.

Matthew on the show, such a good friend to KSBJ. Wrote a song in the couple hours he was here based on listener suggestions - "Rock Star in a Mini Van" debuted minutes later. What a joy Matt is!

Saturday morning in Spring for a festival supporting Spring Assistance Ministries. What amazing people... later that night Kenai and I ventured over to Miller Outdoor Theare for The Gold. Kenai's first musical... she enjoyed it but barked when the Nazi soldiers where marching. We sat on a blanket the two of us - I love watching her take in a new place or experience, she sits so regally with her ears flapping in the wind and her nose discerning every scent in the area. Sunday morning breakfast with DK in The Heights. Terrible coffee, great eggs, even better patio view.

Sunday afternoon I drove to League City for the Texas Music Festival... not at all what I expected. Was there to emcee for the Christian bands onstage(Sunday was Christian day for the event, apparently Boston packed the field the night before) and ended up having lots of great talk time backstage with guys that I'm usually "Hi! Ok, bye!" because things are so busy at events. Not this one. Robbie Seay and his crew, my all time favorite.

As I left, I looked back as Robbie sang "How Great Is Our God" on the stage with two huge side panel advertisements for Budweiser, the main sponsor. How cool... what a place to be.

I started using Mrs. Meyers for my laundry now too and ohhh!! the difference!! Get the Lavender scent, it's the best!

DK and I got burritos to sneak into the movies at Angelika downtown. Tokyo! Though I was a skeptic at first, I learned that skinny tiny girls really can make a good burrito. Movie was amazing!!

Now just catching up on Dave and Kim's blog (SCUBA Kim!) and planning with dad a visit to see Andrew on his boat. Whew!

God is good.


Keri said...

A pre-marriage conference????? Did I miss something??? Hmmmm.....

Have never heard of Mrs. Meyers, but I do love lavender so I'm going to have to check it out!

Just heard about sweet Sam on the radio tonight...definitely praying for them!

Thanks for catching us up!

Mary R. said...

I'm a regular reader:) I've missed your blogging. Glad you're back at it! Thanks for the update!!