Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"sometimes ya just gotta wear a dress!"

I wore a dress to work today (heels too) and realized how odd this may seem to many of my co-workers when around every corner it was "Wow! What's the occasion?" "Why are you all dressed up?" "Hey, you're wearing a dress!"

In an attempt to lower the level of attention being drawn to my more ultra feminine than nornal ensemble, I shrugged it off a couple times as "the only thing that was clean."

But then on my 2:55 p.m. parade down the hall to the studio, Joey K and his daily "It's all yours!" (referring to the studio) Jim Beeler says "Hey! Why you all dressed up?" I started with my standard "Ehhh, it's all that was clean..." but caught myself, spun around and countered with pride "Sometimes ya just gotta wear a dress!"

And it's true! Whether to work, the grocery store or just at home, sometimes wearing a dress makes you feel more pretty, more light, more free and and more glidey/dancey... I made those words up but you get the drift.

And that's your daily dress for thought.


Brittany said...

I love wearing dresses!

BTW, your 3 o'clock prayer touched my heart today. Thank you.

The Retreat said...

Liz, you inspired me to dig deep in my closet for a dress! (actually a skirt and shirt) You're so right. Wearing a dress always makes me feel pretty! It just puts a smile on my face!!!!


thats so interesting that you should write this because i NEVER hardly used to wear dresses until last year when I bought a couple cute inexpensive sundresses in Australia. Wow what surprised me is how differently GUYS look at you...or maybe they just look more, longer, I don't know. I love wearing sundresses now, and have lots of opps especially here in Houston!!