Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Byebye! I'm going on vacation tomorrow morning through Sunday with DK and a bunch of our good friends!

I plan on finding a chair on the beach under an umbrella, reading my book and Real Simple magazines cover to cover, writing pages and pages, swimming, taking romantic walks on the beach with DK, and creating awesome memories with friends. OH! Photos too :)
Love you!


Stephanie said...

I LOVE Real Simple! They have the best recipes that I daydream about cooking up, but ultimately do not. sad.

Have fun on your trip! ole!

Natalie said...

Have a FABULOUS time, Liz! I'll be praying for ya & can't wait to see pics and hear all the great details when you get back! Love you girl! :)

~Misty said...

Have fun Liz!!!! You deserve a vacation with your man, fabulous friends in a place with blue water, beaches and sunshine!!!! Can't wait to see the amazing pictures tat I know you and DK will take. One day I hope be able to take cool pics too (I'm working on it)!