Friday, September 18, 2009

enthralled and inspired!

These are a few of my favorite blogs as of late...

Jeremy & Kathleen (thanks to Hub who pointed them out) they blog about life and work and also record what they wear everyday. Sound silly? Just check it out, you'll get hooked too.

Design*Sponge is full of ideas and clicks in my brain that go "Hey! I can do that too!!" Plus my friends Stephanie and Taylor were featured in the before and after section showing their renovated Scamp!

And though not a blog, Kim keeps us all up to date with her latest art... she's my sister-in-law and she paints such beautiful water colors and more!

What are your favorites?


Stephanie said...

YAYEE! So glad you saw it! We were super excited to be featured! :)

Anonymous said...

If you need to be inspired and encouraged to do some DIY projects, go here:

Fantasic tool!