Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wednesday fashion inspiration.

So I've started my own fashion trend this week. It's fall and I'm inspired, I suppose? Today I went overboard!

I found this classic Gap denim jacket for $10 at the new Goodwill on Westheimer (used to be the Dollar Store) and have been wanting to mismatch it with something so badly. So I pulled out my whitish 7 cuordoroys which could be considered something typical but then put on a black and white bold striped cotton shirt and a green and yellow silk scarf. And I wore my bronzy sandals again today.

My friend Angela once taught me the value of "not matching" and I think I'd like to take it to an even crazier level. Maybe I played it too safe today. Either way, I'm having fun with my Fall Fashion Week.


Sandy Cantu said...

I love it!!

Official Fairygodmother said...

I love your Fall Fashions! I'm afraid that most of what I try to put together would end up on "What NOT to wear" ha ha