Monday, October 26, 2009

just breathe.

Real Simple is my favorite magazine for so many reasons... the title alone is a refreshing reminder of the way we need to keep things. Real Simple. Within each issue, I study the articles on finance, cooking, decorating, new uses for old things, the list goes on. I never throw away any of my issues either, instead I refer back past articles and rediscover things I'd missed before. It's a great escape of creative flurries for me and yesterday I read something so profound and yet... so simple.

It was about the importance of breathing. It's something we don't realize we're doing most of the time yet is so vital for us to be aware of. Simple breathing excercises can help relieve tension, lower blood pressure, and brings an energy boost!

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It's as simple as that!

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Deek said...

I read an article once on Cops who practice breathing techniques while listening to sirens. That way when the flip the siren and get into action, their natural reaction is to breate steadily and stay calm. Cool stuff.