Monday, November 2, 2009

more highlights :)

Isn't it a beautiful season? So many great things going on lately. Here's the best of the best in October:

* Nailing 1/2 marathon #4 in Denver. Hanging with Hub and Lynn and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

* G-chatting with Ma Olden and Kim (in Malaysia) about Christmas / my birthday plans!

* Reconnecting with Lindsey at our old breakfast place, Barnaby's!

* Working with DK around his place, making it more and more a home.

* Spending time with Mac Powell of Third Day, it's rare that you get quiet moments with artists on day of show, so this was really special.

* Time at home with Andrew, dad, Ed and DK, full on Beatles band night (NOT the Wii game, no sir) in the living room. Dinner on the picnic table on the back porch.

* Chatting on-air with Leeland, Francesca Battestelli and Brandon Heath - all at the same time - what an amazing crew.

* Dinner with Tiffany and Brandi at Brasil...

* Seeing my handsome youngest brother for the first time in months and as he embraced me says "Sis, you look gorgeous!!" Oh my heart.

* Meeting Keri in person!!

* Birthday breakfast for Becky and Heidi with Heather, the kids and Jonnie-Kaye.

* Running around the park with DK and the dogs on a perfect Saturday afternoon.

* Singing with Mat Kearney at the top of our lungs at the House of Blues - me and my bestest friends.

*Dressing up with DK for Jacob's birthday/costume/Halloween party (pics to come!)

* Hanging my feet out the windows of DK's place with Kenai by my side, reading and daydreaming.

* Singing to dad on his happy birthday!

* Grocery shopping dates with DK at our favorite new store, the Buffalo HEB.

* Watching Orson and Kenai run in full sprint after bunny rabbits.

* Applauding with great pride as DK was recognized by the Sheriff's Office at their annual awards dinner for his incredible and action packed presentation of their hard (and dangerous) work.

* Brainstorming for the upcoming DK & Liz Video Podcasts. (!!!!!)

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Keri said...

Yeah!!! One of my big highlights as well! Garrett is still talking about it......I think he may have a little crush. Are you going to be at the Newsboys concert? My youngest is having his birthday party that evening and then my sister and I are surprising him with the concert.

I have been daydreaming about our trip to The Trellis. I am totally going to make sure that happens!!!