Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pittsburgh things to do.

I bought a book of lists to help ensure I have many things covered I wouldn't otherwise know to check on or count as important. As with any new task, the initial intimidation and overwhelming unknown seems to wear off the more familar I become with all these new terms, phrases and mindset so I feel pretty confident in getting to Pittsburgh to plow through these lists but really start making it happen. WE'RE PLANNING A WEDDING, booyah!!

We held off setting a date until the excitement of Christmas had passed because we didn't want to overexert ourselves. Then DK's parents called with an incredible plane ticket rate and we decided to escape to the countryside and really delve into the planning fun. We will leave Friday morning through the following Wednesday. I have several ideas set on the where/what/who/when/how 's but now need to align dates with deposits and holy smokes, we're planning our wedding... !!
We're so looking to the fresh air and time with DK's family... I'm packing my new Wedding Binder, all my magazines and am excited to have some planning sessions with DK, my MIL, Emily, Aunt Patty and whoever else wants to help out.

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish during our vacation:
1. Set a date
2. Detail budget
3. Confirm ceremony location
4. Guest list
5. Confirm attendants
6. Narrow down list of reception sites
7. Confirm honeymoon (request work pto!)
8. Reserve rehearsal dinner locale
9. Work on Save The Date cards
10. Watch at least one mushy wedding movie!!

And this is me after a day of planning.


Keri said...

Yeah!!!! So much fun! I am so excited that you are getting married because it is just so stinkin' fun reading all about the process as you go through it!

Enjoy your time away........I'll be getting on a plane to Singapore to find a house right about the time you get home from the in-laws. We MUST do lunch sometime soon!

Natalie said...

Have a GREAT time! Will miss hearing you on KSBJ while you're gone, but will be praying for you, as always!