Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Planning Milestones.

I've started at least 30 different blog posts in the last week but for a few reasons have been unable to finish them. I think I understand now and I'll list them for you in order of importance:

1. My heart is really heavy for Haiti and talking about wedding colors or frilly things just makes my stomach turn over and feels so not important.

2. I hadn't officially asked/notifed my bridesmaids they were going to stand with us in our wedding. Talking about fun wedding details without them officially onboard would almost feel as odd as trying on a wedding dress without an engagement ring or proposal.

3. Lindsey sent me this broad's blog and since becoming quite literally addicted to her writing style, I feel extremely blog inferior. Blog envy at it's worst.

4. A lot of our wedding details we want to share open and publicly, however there are some things we have to keep private and we've been praying, also working out those logistics as well.

But here I am now!! So much has already been set into place and I'm excited to share the fun details with you. Also, we are considering the option of a wedding website so I'll keep you posted on the when and where of that exciting stuff.

Biggest milestone of all was obviously, getting engaged.

2. We set a date. We were able to do so because we secured a church in which to be wed and are currently working out details in which all KSBJ listeners can be part of the ceremony. Stay tuned. (I used "in which" twice in that sentence. I'm like so totally proper and stuff.)

3. We set a budget and made a schedule of events.

4. Rehearsal dinner location secured. Absolutely the COOLEST place, a place we've had in mind for well over a year.

5. Brunch with family the day after wedding: location secured / menu pending.

6. I asked for help. Apparently, asking a person you trust who knows you well and isn't afraid of diplomatically ordering people around is a necessity during a wedding. So I asked Lindsey to help me out and has already proven to be one of the smartest decisions I've made.

7. We chose a wedding color! We love blue! When asked "What shade of blue?", we answer "Mmm, whatever!" Haha.
8. I have a dress! I will blog about that experience in a post of it's own though.

9. Reception location(s) is set. Another blog dedicated to the importance of ambience, coming right up.

10. Bride and groom transportation secured. This will blow your mind but is a surprise, even for DK.

11. Girl's weekend for bridesmaids and friends date set, location pending! Menu: CHEESEBURGERS AND CHIPS!

More details to come!!

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Christie said...

I think #2 made my heart skip a beat a little. haha So excited for ya'll.