Monday, February 15, 2010

Cash Money.

Wedding dresses, menus and music selection are really important elements of planning a wedding. But in terms of the big picture, not so much. I promise I'm not trying to impress you with how mature we are becoming, but more and more we're breaking wedding traditions/"have-to's" and making choices that bring peace and are just plain smart.

For instance, we started our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class last night and already I'm hungry for more. I'm the queen of justifying purchases and good intentions and I just need to make great changes. I need discipline. DK is really great with money - I know this will help stir conversation and cause us to take major action towards being on the same page.

Funny story: After about 10 minutes in the gift shop at Kennedy Space Center two weeks ago, I'd gathered 2 mugs, 1 mission patch and a really cool NASA magnet in my arms when I bumped into the soon-to-be head of our household.

I smiled SO cute.

But after one glance up and down he says "One mug Liz."

Pouty lip no worky.

I scan the shop and instinct tells me "Look up!" There, on the balcony overlooking the entire store stood my dad, engulfed in a brilliant heavenly glow, his arms outstretched... and though the angelic choir was deafening, I'm pretty sure dad mouthed the words "I'll BUY IT FOR YOU, LIZ!"

Well, I only purchased one mug and when I couldn't shut the cabinet door at home because of the bazillion other coffee mugs from travels I would surely die without, I smiled thinking "I'm marrying a very good man."

I'll keep you posted on the rest of our class adventures and give you my word I'll be honest about my misadventured piteous overthrows. Dramatic, I know.

To find your FPU class starting soon, CLICK HERE!


kiki said...

dude i see this whole story playing it! So excited to see you flourish to even great financial blessing with your husband to be. xoxo

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Hey Liz! My hubby and I started FPU 3 weeks ago- such a blessing! Can't wait to see if you comment on the Nerd/Free Spirit arm was bruised from all the nudging Craig and I did to each other during that one!