Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding Registry Fiasco.

It was hilarious. We learned A LOT about one another. And we didn't get a single wedding gift registered. Here's the adventure story:

When preparing to register, one must block out several hours and not just get pumped mentally, but emotionally and physically as well. We'd checked out some websites together and had an overall idea of what we were going in for but upon arriving at Macy's in the Galleria, we couldn't even figure how to get in the darned building much less register for wedding gifts, setting us off to a ridiculous start.

Unbeknownst to us, there are TWO Macy's at the Galleria and are connected by tunnels, amazon trails and firery rope bridges. Because it was so cold outside, running from one door to the next was the smartest way to stay warm but I could barely breathe from laughing so hard as DK ran, punching the air above him with his fists while bopping his knees to his chest and singing. People were staring and I was doubled over in hysterics.

Because we weren't already acting silly enough, we stopped by Starbuck's for a caffeine fix. After surviving that line, we moved like cattle into another line that is quite simply the basic method of touring the biggest shopping center in Texas. The Galleria is really stressful to me. There are so many people to bump into, lots of cell phones ringing, cigarette smoking kiosks, noise bouncing off every surface, it's pretty exhausting. So after slaying dragons and flying like Tarzan through the jungle while sword fighting masked villians, DK landed us gently on Macy's territory. Safe.

I'm pretty sure every perfume lady and fine china expert looked us up and down thinking we weren't mature enough to own such pretty things. And the more we looked at these baubles and expensive junk, the more we began to find our place in it all. It's just not us. Once we found the registry lady, she was so genuinely kind and excited for us! However, their system was down that day and we were unable to get our gun. DK was sad. And I was scared because now we had to figure out where on earth we'd parked.

Next stop, Sur La Table!! We walked in, signed up, and within minutes DK held the scanner gun in his hands, the moment he'd been waiting for since he'd proposed! (Just kidding) He posed like Thor, his superhero weapon shining brilliantly amidst thrashing lightning bolts and heavenly choirs singing "Ahhhh!!" We zip zoomed all over the store, Le Creuset! Kitchenaid! Boos Blocks! We learned A LOT thanks to Jolene (I kept humming Dolly Parton when she came around) who was so thorough, smart and realistic. We decided against a wedding china and don't need new plates because I already have some we both really like. Actually, we've been finding we really don't need a lot of new things, 1. because we already have tools we love and 2. it's hard to long for a $400 pan when kids need water in Haiti. Jolene only ever suggested, never pressured us. We felt on top of things! But after 3 hours of shopping I got cranky, shifting my weight from left to right and whining "IIIII'm hunnnnngry." DK stood before a spread of cutting boards, carefully comparing and considering but was sweet to me, knowing my stamina had run out and that it was time to go.

DK inspects his work on the scanner/Thor weapon and suddenly looks at me confused, asking "Why do only 4 items show up on our list?" Immediately realizing not only what he'd just asked me, but also comprehending the retribution for such a mistake he says "Oh, I got it, don't worry, I just figured it out!" and RAN away from me down the aisle. But because this is the least most important part of our wedding experience and because we have so much fun together and because God has covered us both with grace and love, I fell over into hysterical laughter yelling "WHAT HAPPENED?!? HAHAHAHA!!" Again, making a scene in public. Jolene came over, joined in on the laughter, we all shrugged together and chalked it up to a great learning experience. We'll go back and do it right next time.

Fun, fun, fun :)


Stephanie said...

THAT is the funniest!

April said...

What a fun time!! Congratulations!

Cole and Holly said...

So glad you had fun! When we registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, the man working there scanned every.little.thing. (Like individual spoons, etc.) I didn't even know what some of the utensils were!