Thursday, July 15, 2010

living up to my title.

If there's one thing I can do consistently, it's being inconsistent. So why are you shocked I checked out of my personal blog for so long? I'm back!! So pick up your chin and let's move on, gosh.

I did blog here for awhile though. And it is awesome, having a blog about me and him but quite frankly, two months in I'm kinda jonesin' for some things to be my own too and with something so expressive and close to my heart, I decided to come back here and purge, just me. Ahhhhh... feels good.

You should also know, I've eliminated emoticons from my repertoire. I feel that as "married Liz" I'm a bit more modern, mature, maybe even a little elegant? Emoticons really aren't elegant. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure I'll revert back to emoticonism though once I have kids, you can't help but talk and type cutesy in that case.

So DK and I just returned from the lovely little town of Smock, Pennsylvania where his family threw a huge wedding reception for us with all the friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding. It was extraordinary and I have so many elements I want to share with you from my first summer experience in DK's beautiful hometown. Eventually. <-- almost used a smiley there, see?!

I'm getting along just fine here in married land, learning a lot about my husband, getting used to calling him my husband and wondering how all of a sudden I'm so drawn to babies and baby clothes. Marriage is without a doubt an adventure and now that I'm on the other side of what for so long was considered "the unknown" I'm convinced there is no book, person, advice column or counseling that can fully prepare you for what it's REALLY like... you just gotta learn first hand. Wowee.

Living with this man I've learned how in one day alone we can experience sweet moments, intense, angered, or nurturing moments, even playful, creative, or ignorant moments. I'm learning the importance of my attention to his details, how to decipher when something he's telling me is really important to him versus when he's just thinking out loud and could care less. I'm learning how my reactions to the things important to him can truly catapult him into further inspired thinking... or break him down to feeling I could care less. How great does it feel to know my opinion counts to him? I've learned what strength lies within his heart, his arms and his eyes. And the tenderness that abides there too... whew.

This morning I was putting on my make-up in the bathroom mirror when I sensed his presence and looked towards the door to find him standing there, hair tousled and shoulders slumped. "I don't feel good" he tells me, to which he receives 1. a sympathetic head tilt 2. a lip pout and 3. as I returned to my make-up, I ask him what I can do for him to make him feel better. He shrugs and slowly walks back down the hall. 5 minutes later, he's back but this time as I glance towards him with sympathetic eyes, he alerts me that "No one is taking care of me." How am I to resist?! Oh, I just LOVE that man. And to feel needed by the man you love, is there any greater feeling?

Anyway, so that's whats up with moi (mwahh - "me" in French) lately. Learning married life, missing my Dave, Kim, Andrew and Arwyn, getting reacquainted with my mom in Detroit, making lists of creative things to do on the weekend, getting more excited about the women God has placed in my life, diving into a rich Bible study on Ruth with the girls once a week, loving my job and the freedoms I have to share my faith in my own unique (weird) ways, training for my 5th half marathon with friends, dreaming about the book I want to write, thinking about my future and travels with the Donald, running and playing everyday with my doggies, planning camping trips, excited about new babies (Zoe Fisher and baby James!) and my latest, most favorite thing is my Purge Book.

It's a culmination of a journal/scrapbook/sketchbook/ongoing thingstodo list/ and collection of magazine clippings/clothes i want to make/recipes I want to cook/places I dream of going/diy projects I WILL do and so much more. I needed one space to keep it all and I will be sharing this via el bloggo berry berry soon.

Next, I want to tell you all about the day I've had today!


This photo has absolutely nothing to do with anything.


Natalie said...

YAY!!! So great to see you back here...Although, I read your other journal too. ;) Glad to hear married life is being good to you guys! Love ya!

stacyaluthi said...


You are very creative, I really get encouraged by the way you write. I, too, am an aspiring writer. I'm glad you put you were dreaming about the book you want to write, I am doing the same thing. I have thought many times, "She should write a book." I would buy it!

Anyways, just wanted to write that! That's all. Have a good day, Mrs. Donald.

Connie said...

Ok, I couldn't even keep reading!! Had to tell you this: YAAAAAY! GLAD YOU ARE BACK!

Ok, now back to reading...

By the way! Love that you are married now, such an awesome Blessing!!! Many many more Blessings to you and DK!!!

Ok, going to go back and read now..hehehe.

Connie said...

Ok, read it. Loved it. Cried. Laughed. Did I tell you how glad I am that you are back! Haha. I know you don't know me but I know you. Thank You for this post.

Allison said...

Welcome back! Okay I have to ask – is the misspelling of “Inconsistent” in the blog header an artsy representation of being inconsistent? I’ve been meaning to ask! Love reading about what you are doing in Houston/neat stores and restaurants you are discovering, among other things.

Maria said...

Yay!! Glad you are back!!

Keri said...

So happy you are back on your blog....and I LOVE the purge book idea.....I know you said a lot before giving us that gorgeous tidbit, but I didn't want to forget to tell you.

DK is so lucky to have you because you care about being a good wife. A lot of times, that's all it takes.

I definitely think you should travel to a ton of places like...hmmm....Malaysia and nearby Singapore!

Starting Ruth as well as soon as I can get my stuff all in one place. Last thing....please, please write your book.
Ok, all done. Love you!

Stephanie said...

That picture's my favorite.