Friday, October 15, 2010

Sic 'Em Bears.

I've recently discovered a new way in which I could be a better representative of Christ and His love. And it happened at a football game?

Part of me is tired of expending energy in annoyance of Christians who go overboard, really missing the mark on what grace and love truly is about so I've prayerfully shifted my focus and energies over time in search of a new, more productive habit. Something that produces more delicious fruit. And besides, I really believe what mom always said about rolling your eyes too much, eventually they'll get stuck like that.

My good friend JoAnn invited me and a couple other friends to spend the weekend in Waco, visiting her daughter Emily, a freshman at Baylor. We had tickets to the game, a hotel, and plenty of conversations to catch up on so I was excited for a weekend away with the girls. It was a gorgeous day for a football game and I remarked over the energy in the air the closer we got to the stadium, weeding through a field of tailgaters, finally spotting our friends Christine and Adina through the crowd, "AHHH, there they are!" Big hugs, more spring in our step, "Let's go find our seats! Woo Woo Woo!" Whether you're a fan or not, the excitement is contagious and spreads like crazy. The crowd, the band, every fan, student, alumnus and more sporting the bright yellow and green... and the smell of nachos.

I have no idea what goes on during a football game but I love to watch and get emotional about it right along with everyone else. We sat in our seats, yelling the rants and making bear claw motions, high fiving complete strangers with every touchdown. Regardless of the fact I went to a different college 10 years ago, I was part of something fanTAStic that motivated me to yell for those boys louder, to cringe and worry about who's hurting underneath the piles of players and to get angry at the ref for making such a stupid call. There was overwhelming passion in that place and I wanted to belong.
"There's something to this", I thought as I watched these former and current students in the stands and on the field, everything about them from their attitude to the way they're dressed was an attempt to get this unmistakable message across, "This is who and what I am! This is what I represent, am part of and am passionate about!!" Being a member of this group and belonging here is something to be proud of, something that years from now causes them to bring their children here in hopes that they too will catch the fever. There's a confidence understood that years from now they'll return knowing they still belong no matter where life has taken them.

And as an outsider, I wanted to belong too... so there ya go.

I'm guessing my sort of comparison of college football excitement to the cause for Christ is pretty obvious by now, but in my newfound fervor I feel more of an ease in being just one person living my life, having a blast and making obvious the thrill that comes from belonging to a group with such a powerful legacy. I want to let His light shine so bright from within me that others see it and are hungry for it too. And though in some form or fashion this has always been my desire, at this place in my life I have a new visual on what this could look like.
And this photo really has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to show you that I had a Dr. Pepper in Waco at a Baylor Bears game. Hahahaha.
Love love,

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Allison said...

Ohhh be still my heart. Floyd Casey Stadium + Dr Pepper = lots of love and fervor indeed. Especially for this Baylor Bear.

Glad you had fun!