Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Six Months!

Dear Donald,

It's already been 6 months that we've been married, can you believe it?! I LOVE BEING MARRIED TO YOU. Every morning I wake up next to you, Orson at our feet, a new day before us with who knows what lying ahead, I am so totally giddy that I get to experience all this with YOU. You're finally here.

I thought I knew you on the day we got married, but around every new corner I learn something new about you that either leaves me choking from laughing so hard or in utter disbelief that God could bless one man with so much talent. You make me laugh more than anyone on earth, sometimes so hard I think I might explode. And in the moments I make you laugh, my heart just soars!

Last night, sitting across from you and your curly hair at dinner at our favorite place, I had butterflies in my stomach imagining all the things we want to do in the future, how much our dreams involve one another and what a great team we make. I love the home we've built together and know no matter where we end up, my home will always be wherever you are.

If the last 6 months of being married to you have been this incredible and adventurous, I'm even more ready to take on the next 60 years. God surely loves me for bringing you to me and I know He has some pretty rad plans in store for us.

So here's to years to come full of long hikes, late night Green Hornet after lights out, homemade pizza messes, dance parties, watching rain out the window with the monkeys, hollaring from my desk to yours asking editing questions, trumpet soundings when one of us arrives home, decorating our houses together, traveling, photo shoots, family holidays, downtown scooter rides, morning coffee brainstorms, grocery shopping dates, paper airplane messages from your desk to mine, thrift shopping, your singing and dance moves in the morning, goodbye for work kisses, and piling all of us on the couch together, dogs and us, forever. I love you.

gossip girl

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heather hub said...

this is so sweet!!! happy you are so happy together!