Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shower The People You Love With Love!

This was one of the greatest days of my life and I can't wait to tell my baby girl one day how even before she was born there were so many women excited and anxious to meet her! Thank you to everyone for loving and celebrating us on this day, I WILL NEVER FORGET!

bs montage_3
The girls put so many thoughtful touches into the decor. Stephanie painted the tree on this bulletin board (and the flowers hanging above which are now being used in the nursery!) and all the ladies wrote a blessing to the baby. Also Tiffany made this incredible Strawberry Lemonade (a Tiny Boxwood's specialty!) for guest favors.

bs montage_4
It's so fun to learn how well your friends know you through the gifts they give. Robin found and bought this coat telling me "It's so you!" I can't wait to get photos of Baby K wearing it. Zoe Grace was the star of the show and everyone couldn't get enough of her! And so many beautiful simple touches around the house for decorations, I LOVE.

bs montage_2
As seen on Grey's Anatomy recently, "Design Your Own Onesie". This was hilarious, as all my friends were sure to put personal touches on each.

bs montage_1
Scones, quiche, fruits, cupcakes and GOLDFISH! Essentials :)

From L-R: Brenda (her home!) Chante, Amanda and Zoe, Stephanie, Amber, Amy, Aunt Suzanne, Laura, Aunt Teddie, Oma Jeany, Becky, Robin, Gloria, Stacey & Kim. Sitting down: Lindsey, Kathy, me, Kristal, and Tiffany. Don't I have the most beautiful friends?

Thank you to the hostesses Stephanie, Tiffany, Chante, Amanda, Lindsey and Stacey for every creative and thoughtful detail, for putting so much time and love into the preparations and for considering me in ways that truly STILL have me floored. I am so incredibly grateful.

I will never forget this day!

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