Saturday, June 11, 2011


This was a great day. My recipe for an ideal day seems to change often but the one constant ingredient seems to be spontaneity. A little bit o' planned, a little bit o' not. And any weekend with a delicious nap mixed in, I'm sold.

We woke up this morning and headed to our first day of Birthing Class through Nativiti Birthing Center in Spring. Finding this class was not only a relief because every other class in Houston was booked through to August, but also because the methods they teach and experiences they work so hard to deliver (haha, get it?) jive so well with what we've already been feeling was so right for us.

From mental to emotional prep, to the importance of the words used by your partner during the labor experience and all about the power of giving in to the pain, Megan our instructor led us through an incredibly informative, revealing and refreshing take on bringing a baby into the world. She also has a great sense of humor and had us all laughing a ton. I highly recommend this place, especially having something to compare it to with this day class we took a few months back that wasn't so hot. Sitting and listening to a doula reading diagrams and charts verbatim in front of a class wasn't our idea of getting prepped. The snacks were fun though.

Check out their website: Nativiti Birthing Center.

Arriving home, there was a special surprise at the front door! Baby's crib! I took lots of video and photos of the crib process and Orson was so anxious to get involved and help out.
I won't post any here just yet as I'm excited to write a post solely on the construction of her nursery, from start to finish.

After all this excitement, I was exhausted and crashed pretty hard. I'm telling you, delicious naps are KEY to a perfect weekend. Especially at almost 9 months pregnant! DK had lots of work to do so I busied myself later on with checking lists and making sure there isn't anything else we need before she comes. I've ordered a bit of a special diaper bag (when I was sure I would only use my backpack from college that I love so much) and other than that, we are ready to go! Also DK's dad is putting the finishing touches on the custom made crib he's built and I cannot WAIT to see it in person!

Around 9 p.m. tonight DK came across this blog that sang a particular tune of DK's heart that could only be expressed in his reaction that followed: "Babe, I know it's late, but we've got to try this recipe." Grilling and photography! Like the supportive wife I try to be in all his creative endeavors, I grabbed my shoes, we piled into the wagon and headed off to get supplies.

I also decided to finally try my own little spin on a banana split ... using the grill. Add ice cream and voila! Mmmmm...

On our way home, DK insisted he finally teach me how to get his grill started and properly use it, you know, in case of an emergency. I thought to myself how often we as married folks pass up on moments like this, not because we're jerks, but because it's not really "our thing" per se, and we don't understand the value of such an investment into something they're totally geeked about. I'm certain he thought I'd respond saying "Oh babe, it's been a long day, I'll probably just sit and read while you grill" but when I said "Absolutely, it's about time I do that, huh?" I noticed an excitement and serious sense of duty wash over him and that was enough for me to understand even more so how important it was to him. He's such a doll. And I really did learn a lot, thus making this a monumental day in the Kilgore household.

Well, DK just burst through the backdoor passing through to the kitchen, the scent of charcoal trailing behind him as he exclaimed "OH MAN, this is LEGIT!" So, I'm guessing he's a really happy man right now. And that without a doubt makes me a very happy woman. Even though it is 11:33 p.m. at night and dinner is still cooking. Sorry, grilling. :)

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Great day, much love, more class tomorrow!

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Katherine said...

How exciting! I am a total dork and loved birthing class :) My daighter was born at Nativiti last September and we had the BEST experience! Enjoy these last few weeks getting ready for your little bundle of joy:)