Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So I Married A Photographer.

I've heard when you marry a mechanic, you drive a dodgy always needing to be repaired car. And what's the saying about the cobbler's children? They got no shoes. Ok, so I'm not nearly as neglected (not at all in fact) being married to the most brilliant photographer and filmmaker on earth (sure would sound spoiled rotten if I said I was, ya?) but recently I started to worry we might never have any decent photos of this baby in utero if we didn't make time soon.

So one night after work last week, DK made time for his girls.

It's a bit of a sneak peak of the nursery too!
This is the diaper bag I chose, it's a Fossil Key-Per Weekender bag and not technically a diaper bag, per se. But I saw it and couldn't stop thinking about it for two weeks and figured the splurge was worth it :)

More photos to come!


Andrea said...

So pretty. You look phenomenal! And I was never brave enough to have profile pics taken during my pregnancies. You are already the bomb-mom!

annarazzi said...

Hi, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I also bought Fossil Key-per (in Safari) for my fall baby. Roomier and prettier than any diaper bag I saw! Also - I do own the elephant print in tote :D