Friday, July 6, 2012

Paper Airplanes.

As a surprise to Andrew and Arwyn on their wedding day last April, I planted these airplanes with little notes saying "Assemble and toss me towards the bride and groom as they walk up the aisle!" on each guest's chair. Andrew my brother has been flying since he was a little twerp and is close to finishing up his pilot's license so it was a definitely a nice little personal effect. Awww.

Michael my brother-in-law shot the wedding with his fiancé Emily and captured this magical moment we will treasure for like, ever.

 You can see Michael and Emily's photos of this wedding and more by clicking HERE! 

Kinda random, but I'm missing these two today and realized I never posted anything about their amazing wedding!


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Lizzy Mac said...

So clever, Liz! Nice job!