Friday, June 20, 2008

my weekend plans.

ohhh boy! this is gonna be a good one!

1. Movie/Burger/Flickr night with DK. (these are a few of our FAVORITE things.)
2. 6 a.m. marathon training run with InFlight Running!
3. Load up Katie (my brother's golden retriever) and Kenai and head to dad's for the day. First things first, breakfast tacos!
4. Work on welding my desk, visit junk stores in Conroe for finishing pieces.
5. Softball game, Team KSBJ!
6. Read my new book.
7. Dinner at The Grove with Domenica and Kristen.
8. Nursery duty at church with DK.
9. Prep/Pray/Rest for Sharathon 2008.
10. Bike ride with DK and dogs...

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